AI and Future of Networking

AI and Future of Networking

“AI that is Artificial Intelligence will open a new chapter of the society of the world; the people try to understand themselves better rather than the outside world. “ Jack Ma Co-founder Ali Baba Group

It’s a golden age we are solving problems with machine learning and artificial intelligence that were in the realm of science fiction for several decades. 

Just visualize a web of networks invisible to its users. A global, interconnected network fabric that is continuously connected – flawless, transparent and faultless in user experience. In the next five to six years AI is going to deliver so many improvements in the quality of our lives. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Future of Networking could make this reality possible. But a lot of hard work and effort will be required.  

Networking is all about connecting amid user, application and data. It’s about linking with any device and any applications across any clouds. Networking in the present scenario is not about the configuration of the physical components but it is about the behaviour of the network.

That’s a huge difference. Intent-based networking (IBN) is a set of connections that integrate artificial intelligence (AI), network orchestration and machine learning (ML) to mechanize administrative tasks over a network. IBN aims to reduce the complexity of creating, managing and implementing network policies and the manual labour associated with traditional configuration management. Networking is on the way to giving the application a set of capabilities and services. This is how AI is budding in future of networking.

AI competencies are now implanted within networking—namely Automation and Machine Learning—Accelerate and Extend every feature of the application lifecycle, from automatic provisioning and deployment for security and connectivity crossways private and public clouds. With the entry of AI into the mainstream of networking processes, there is a major transition to capabilities across industry components. AI recognizes patterns and behaviour because it is a set of software and programmed machine-learning tools. These tools allow the network to automatically generate actions to resolve, improve or accelerate solutions. AI capabilities for networking include app discovery, security policy, app behaviour, and user intent and posture.

The merger of AI and network automation delivers the promise to solve many of networking’s most complex challenges-

Including effectively managing the billions of new Internet of things (IoT) devices in the coming years. But the most powerful influence is how AI in the future drives larger incorporation between networking business and its network.

With AI, the spotlight shifts to understanding application behaviour and letting AI-influenced networking automation handle the rest. This strategic impact allows employees to focus on important and larger business goals.

“The networking conversation is no longer about making the infrastructure better, but about how to make your business more efficient,” The networking conversation here is about making the business more efficient, not about improving the working infrastructure. AI is an innovative tool that allows us to make changes that previously took forever. And how we apply that tool in the future is up to us.

AI is definitely the future of tomorrow. I will guide the economy of tomorrow. Google, Facebook, Microsoft all are moving with great speed and enhancing their Artificial Intelligence software. Software is going to solve that where it will get the new information that is going to present to you knowing about your interest. What would be most valuable, so, making us more efficient. 

We are focusing on the autonomous system.  We sort to see it as the mother of all AI projects. So, autonomy is something that is incredibly exciting for us. 

What fascinated you about Artificial Intelligence?

Wouldn’t it be amazing that someday we get to the point where there are robots everywhere running farms, running stores? All you have to do is a person can press a button every morning and all the goods and services we are getting now will all be placed by robots. It is seeping into our lives in all sorts of ways that we just don’t notice. We are just getting better and better at it and we are seeing that happen in every aspect of our lives from medicine to transportation to how electricity is distributed and it promises to create a vastly more productive and efficient economy. 

Artificial Intelligence opened new doors for how far innovation can go in today’s fast-evolving world. Whether it be your voice assistant or heavy job workflow, AI has proved to be a reliable problem solver and much faster than any other human. The excellent features and services such as machine vision, machine intelligence, machine learning, multi-functional robots, natural language processing and smart robotics technology, makes AI, the future of technology.

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