The Virtual Event Platform just right for your business!

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The Virtual Event Platform just right for your business!

Truly virtual experience –bringing the feel of an actual physical event – with the power of enhanced audience engagement and data analytics.

Frequently Asked Question

An event that is organized entirely on the web – using latest technologies like Live Streaming, 3D rendering and Live Chat options.

Its fairly quick, we have a flexible framework which can be customized to your needs and with ideal situations, you can take the event live within 3-4 weeks.</div>
There is a limit based on the design you opt for, and how many sponsors you have, we can design in a way to accommodate a suitable number of sponsors on one page, but maximum would be 15 on page. But we also have a multi section layout for sponsor area, which can be utilized in case of more stalls. </div>
The cost would be based upon the number of customizations required on top of the basic framework, and the number of stalls, tracks etc. Please contact us for details.</div>

Usually it can be a single day event, or can span across 3-4 days with different agendas on each day, similar to a physical event. Each session is usually 1-2 hrs long, and as a user you can attend what you’d like to or leave sessions which you don’t find interesting and explore other areas.

We’ve done it already for you as coevento is one of the safest platforms with no tech risks.

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