Tips for conducting a successful virtual event

Tips for conducting a successful virtual event

The Internet has become a common medium to connect with family and friends. Due to pandemic Covid-19, we have seen a major shift where people opted online whether it is a social site, education, networking, startups to big business organization. We are the witness of many cancelled events, from conferences to concerts that have been substituted by virtual ones. With this shift, many have comprehended that it is not just about damage control but an opportunity to expand and to get benefits of its own. The virtual event industry is flourishing in the present scenario.

Let us explore what virtual events are, the way of working, the way of hosting an engaging event and the ideas that can attract your guests and more.

Virtual Events

In a layman words conference, webinars, online classes, online shopping and more where you can attend these things at your comfort level, are examples of virtual events. A virtual event is one where you don’t need to gather in person but individual experience the event and content online. In simple words, the events held online are called Virtual Events.

Twitter, Instagram are examples of online platforms where your audience can connect via voice call or video call. For webinars and conferencing there is a budding market of specialized virtual events. The advantage of a virtual event is that it’s comparatively inexpensive and you can reach the audience across the globe at your own comfort.

There Are Different Types Of Virtual Events Virtual Networking, Fundraising, Hiring, Shopping, And Social, Live Tweeting, Workshops And More. But, To Accomplish A Successful Virtual Event You Need To Execute Multiple Activities With a Series Of Webinars Or Host A Zoom Free For All.

Here is a list of tricks and tips to accomplish a successful online event that will facilitate you to maximize revenues and guarantee the value of your attendees.

Identify Your Target Audience

To be successful in hosting an event, you must have a clear vision of who is going to attend the event.

Think about it, you don’t want to be marketing a convention about beauty products to a bunch of software developing companies.

You will be able to create suitable content; you should take the time beforehand to narrow down what the incident is for.

Question yourself:

  • For whom you have planned the event?
  • What challenges are faced by them in their industry or daily life?
  • What type of event is it whether it is targeted to a lifestyle, professional or entertainment market 
  • What are the personal objectives of your ideal attendee?

Set Your Event Goals

Consider what success means to you. A clear vision of what you want to do. Do you want to sell products; do you want to create brand awareness? Do you want to raise funds for charity or any cause? This will get you on the right track.

In addition to finding your target audience is to determine your event goals. What do you want to achieve as an event organizer? A clear vision of what you expect from your event will help to guide you down a path toward that goal.

Build an event brand

Build an event brand to make sure your event marketing efforts speak to your target audience.  That comprises a clear brand message with a logo, slogan and possibly a hashtag. Message and branding must be strengthened through your marketing channel.

Design a website that gives detailed information about the event, who you are and why people should attend. The sites where people can easily register, buy tickets, learn more about sessions, and review speakers. Promoting your virtual event on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more will generate a new audience.

By creating Blogs, video teasers, and creating an environment where virtual audiences will engage and value what your brand is about.

Choose an attractive topic

Your approach should be creative in selecting the subject or subject based on the phenomenon and nature of the event and industry. Certainly, some event themes will seem boring but with your creativity, you can make it more interesting and grab the attention of the new audience.

A team together

Just as you need a team of experienced and professionals to organize a physical event, you need a technical support team to handle and minimize any hassles that event attendees may face.

Date and time

You can also ask your audience for time and date suggestions and when most people are available you can go with that. Another thing to keep in mind is the number of foreign followers and whether the time difference will work for them or not. You have the option to upload the video to YouTube after the live event, so as not to worry too much about timing. In this informative age, live streaming is the best option for the same.

Virtual event platform

A platform like Google or Zoom will help you with small meetings. But to host more elaborate events you need unparalleled support. For online registration, ticket sales, live chat, video calls, designated breakout sessions, online marketing campaigns, virtual lobbies and more, you can look for software that will make things easier for you.

The right virtual event platform will generate an interactive virtual experience that encourages participant engagement. 

Test All Technology

Ensure All Technical Checks Before Starting Any Program. Make Sure Wi-Fi, Video Camera, Audio Quality Works Well For All Presenters And Speakers.

 Event Email Invitations

One of the best effective marketing tools available today is Email campaigns. You can send an email reminder to your old and new audiences including details on how to get the most out of the event platform, tips for networking in virtual space and contact details for help and support.

So, by providing more content, send a post-event survey to all attendees and to get honest feedback, tabular results and information, combined with the survey results, will assist you better comprehending your event and plan better ones in the future! 

Careful planning and thoughts are required to host a successful virtual event. So ensure that the content you provide is appealing and interesting to engage your audience.

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