Website Design & Ecommerce Success

Website Design & Ecommerce Success

E-commerce is on the rise due to the pandemic and the lockdown as many new brands are reaching consumers directly instead of selling through supermarkets. This transformation of the in-person to online shopping experience has led to noteworthy changes in the overall retail industry.

Your website serves as the backbone of your business which supports all your digital marketing efforts. With everyone trying to use different platforms and types of templates for their website, there is a huge shift in the way e-commerce websites were earlier created. Many new brands have started selling direct to consumers instead of supermarkets, and as such they want to give the best experience and also utilize the best of analytics to ensure user engagement. If you own an e-commerce website, you need to evaluate all aspects of User Experience and User Personas to make your brand stand out in this niche market. If you are not already leveraging the power of latest technology, then you need to rethink how you are building your e-commerce website. Ease and variety, along with a wealth of product information, has had a vital impact on the way consumers make decisions.

Here are few key considerations we are sharing with you, that will help you make your e-commerce portal stand out.

Visual effects

In physical shopping, the consumer has the advantage of making a purchase by experiencing, touching and observing every detail of the product. But this is the major challenge for online business owners. Re-creating the visual element of your product in an online store in a way that competes with what you see physically in-store competition. The defined visual element can fill the gap between a physical product and your online representation of it. A variety of image visual and interactive content can recreate a personalized shopping experience for your customers. With this change, you can expect a boost in sales. Enhancing the quality of product images can result in the conversion rate going up by three times compared with inferior quality images. 

In addition to improving the quality of your product images, more interactive and attractive visual content can also lead to boosting your e-commerce site’s effectiveness and sales.

You can try the following visual content enhancements to give a new look to your website:

360 degree Product view

This type of visual material gives the same experience as you would get in person with a physical product in your hand. By this, you can examine the product from all angles. Even if it’s not realistic, this all-around perception gives your customer the same kind of perspective and sense of control as they view the product. 360-degree product view will facilitate you in conversion rate and it gives satisfaction to the customer in buying the product.

Instructional video

The instructional video goes over the physical characteristics of an item and the overall look to show exactly how the product works. These types of content not only give additional, appealing information on the product; nevertheless, it also lets your customer imagine using the item. This helps them to think about how the product will improve their daily lives.

User-generated content

User-generated content provides an added value to the digital representation of your products in your online store. When it comes to fashion it is very helpful for the potential buyer who can check out how a particular item looks at different shapes of customers and can decide whether it will work for them. Images shared by the users not only add to your database of visual content but also give information and helpful hand to the customers considering the purchase.

Augmented and virtual reality

The two most powerful tools to make a direct impact are digital content, augmented and virtual reality. These have great potential to provide an online physical shopping experience to the customers. Research says that customers are more comfortable online if they get the option to try the product online.

If you want your company to remain unbeaten in the modern market, you must have a professional website design. 

So, unique website designs with the current trends that give satisfaction to customers and are easy to use plays a vital role in increasing sales. The website also brings credibility to the market as it helps the customers to see what your brand is all about and gives a clear picture. 

To conclude the professional website should include simple navigation which helps the customer to easily access the product within a few seconds. Your site should be eye-catching using colours and images that bring into line your brand while also being pleasing to the eyes. The balance between attractive design and quick to load plays a vital role. Visitors may tend to leave the site if it doesn’t load within a few seconds. The checkout process should be quick and simple for the customers. 

Last but not least helpful content and search engine optimization play an important role in helping customers find your site easily. So make sure your site is optimized for search engines like Google.

Hence website design plays a vital role in not only attracting your customers but also making your presence felt while building your brand in the market.

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